Indoor Pool

Indoor Pool

(As of September 17, 2023, our aqua park (outdoor pool) is closed for use.)

ELEGANCE RESORT HOTEL SPA & WELLNESS swimming pool is under the control of the Ministry of Health and hygiene rules are strictly adhered to. There are 2 water curtains and 1 jacuzzi in the pool.


1. Research shows that regular swimming has very important positive effects on the cardiovascular system. Coronary heart disease is less common in people who practice regular swimming training and these inpiduals are less likely to have a heart attack. It also helps to reduce a number of substances that lead to blockage of the heart and brain vessels.

2. The effect of swimming on the musculoskeletal system is found in the definition of “Swimmer Body kendine. Regular swimming exercises both strengthen the muscles and play a very important role in the development of body coordination.

3. Joints and ligaments are less difficult than any other sport. For this reason, the rate of injury and injury is 90% less than water exercises. For this reason, the only sport offered by doctors to those who have any discomfort in their muscles, joints or skeletal systems is swimming.

4. Another benefit that distinguishes swimming from other sports is that it is a sport that everyone can do without any danger if they are learned regardless of age and weight. For example, overweight people doing any land sports may damage the skeletal and muscular system, while the activities in the aquatic environment will reduce the gravitational force on that inpidual to a large extent provides the opportunity to exercise without risk.

5. Regular swimming exercise reduces smoking and alcohol habits and also prevents obesity. The rate of stillbirth and premature birth is remarkably low in women who practice swimming before and during pregnancy.

6. Another interesting study shows that regular physical activity, including swimming, increases the insulin sensitivity of diabetics, resulting in less insulin requirements.

7. The most important feature that distinguishes swimming from land sports is that it can be easily performed by inpiduals with physical problems that restrict or prevent them from doing land sports.

8. The benefits of swimming to the nervous system and human psychology do not end with counting. The psychological and nervous relaxation that you will experience when you enter the water, combined with the endorphin hormone secreted after exercise, gives you the feeling that no other exercise can give you. Especially during the developmental period of children who swim sporty self-confident, ambitious, high concentration and adaptation to any work, disciplined, programmed, active and successful inpiduals contribute to a large extent.

Effects on the cardiovascular system:

As is known, the increase in the minute volume of the heart is possible primarily by increasing the beat volume (the amount of blood pumped per beat) and the number of heart beats. The horizontal position in the water ensures that the heart's beating volume is better than standing. Because in this position, the heart is better filled with blood. On the other hand, in water, the heart does not have to send excess blood to the skin to help regulate heat. This blood is transferred to the working muscles.

Swimming protects from influenza infections:

There is a misconception that children engaged in swimming will be more likely to catch illnesses, especially flu and colds, and vice versa, the likelihood of developing influenza infections is very low, and the number of antibodies that play an important role in the fight against diseases increases during swimming. It is a fact that this minimizes the illnesses such as influenza infections and colds.

Swimming is a discipline based on discipline, the same is observed in the lessons of the students who are successful in sports. Individual sports, such as swimming, socialize the child, as well as the joy of achieving something alone. Benefiting children from swimming activities will make a positive contribution to the child in every way.